Who do we work with?

Who do we work with?

We work best with legends… Business Owners who are passionate about what they do to help people. We love helping them succeed and we work best with the following types of Legends ..

Professional Services

Lawyers, Dentists, Real Estate Agents, Consultants and all other service based peeps – we get you! You are not just selling what you do but selling yourself as the problem solver, boo boo fixer and hand holder for your customers. Social Media for you needs to do 2 things – make people fall madly in love with you cos your an awesome human ( relationship building ) and sign up to meet you ( lead generation )  typically your actual sales process takes place off line and we need to get social media to help you get in front of people who already think you are kinda awesome.  Want to know how we do it? Book a chat with us today and we will tell ya how..

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Gyms and Fitness Centres

Look we may be Nerds but we know a thing or two about Fitness. In Fact our Chief Nerd Lynsey worked in the fitness industry for 12 years before becoming a full scale social media geek and knows what it takes to run a successful Fitness business. We understand the balance between client retention and getting new leads and that you have got to get someone through your doors to sign them up. We help Fitness businesses generate more leads and more people through the door so you can dazzle them with your Biceps, BodyPump Classes, 400 piece treadmill set  and awesome facilities. Want us to fill your gym? Book a chat today

I need Gym Member Gainz Bro

SAAS Company’s and Tech Start Ups

Got a cool new Software or tech product but not sure how to sell it? We can help! Selling a software product is tricky -it’s kinda eCommerce as normally  you will sell it online but it’s also kinda like selling a service too – that’s where we help you find the right balance of content, education and very cleverly targeted Social Media ads to get your awesomeness in front of the right customers and then we use Social Media voodoo magic ( AI and machine learning – voodoo sounds cooler) to keep that stream of customers flowing to you. Want our help? Book a chat with us today

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You’re holding an Epic Event and you are under pressure to fill it and sell out tickets by a certain time… we got you Boo! We love Events and can help create the right amount of FOMO around your event to sell out pronto.  We use the magic of Facebook, Instagram and it’s event partners to help you sell more tickets and we can event help you with you ” At Event” game plan to make sure your creating awesome content and not missing an opportunities for even more socials, content and awesome. Want in ? Book a call with us.

I wanna be a sell out

E- Commerce Businesses

You got stuff to sell and we can help you do it! You run and eCommerce store like Shopify, Woo Commerce or Magento, you got awesome products ready to ship but not enough sales.. that’s where we help. We can help you drive more sales, recover more abandoned carts and create bigger basket sizes using the magical powers of Facebook and Instagram adverts. Want to know how? Book a call with us today.

I wanna sell more S***

Who we don’t work with

The Non Agency is for awesome people who love their business and want to help more people by doing it.

We love working with all types of businesses and people from backgrounds and industries but we don’t work with people who are mean or rude to the waiter.

We proudly support the LGBTQI community and don’t work with groups or organisations who don’t.

We love everyone and like nice people.

It’s pretty simple really.